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Towel/Kit Design Saffron Set

Towel/Kit Design Saffron Set

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We developed a colorful and fun collection of specialized towels to suit the most common kitchen needs and do it in style. Just like you wouldn't want to have just one knife in your kitchen but rather a kit of useful knives, we present the Towel Kit with three distinct and unique tools to get any job done in the kitchen.  Note: 100% cotton textiles may shrink after washing. Follow care instructions for optimum results.


No. 1 — The Cleaner

This fluffy terry towel is designed for cleaning only. Use for wiping or drying dirty hands, Soak up spills and mop up counters. Spray a non-toxic cleaning agent on your counters and use this one to wipe the counters. The thirsty loops will absorb the moisture. Launder often. 

No. 2 — The Cook

Use this towel to cover rising dough. Wring out vegetables like spinach or zucchini. Place between the pot and lid when cooking rice. Line bread baskets.

No. 3 — The MultiTasker

Sling this towel over your shoulder as you cook to aid with taking hot pans out of the oven, wipe hands and little cooking spills as needed. Shine tableware for presentation. Dry silver and glass with the absorbent side and shine with the flat side. When chopping, place under a cutting board so it doesn't slip.



100% cotton



Care Instructions

Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Launder whites, colors, and prints separately. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly and fold.

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Made for Home Cooks by Home Cooks

We know what it’s like to feed a family and clean after them day in and day out. We do it too. That’s why we  developed our kitchen textiles and tabletop textiles as essential kitchen tools with specific functions that will help you do the same. Usefulness and style at an affordable price.

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Customer Reviews

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The best dish towels ever

After a first wash to break them in, these dish towels are plush and highly absorbent. I keep two folded on by my sink, ready for anything. I actually look forward to drying dishes with them. Crazy, right?

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