Have fun in the kitchen but keep it clean

Most people know that there are different kinds of kitchen towels but are you using them for what they are intended to be used for? We know you’ve been drying your dishes with the same towel you wash your hands with. Gross. You might know some towels are better for drying but did you know some are best for cooking tasks? Even when you do know there is a best towel for the job at hand, It's hard to remember which one is which in a pinch. That’s why we created a system of easily recognizable towels and a way to keep them all organized easily and attractively.

No. 1 — The Cleaner

This fluffy terry towel is designed for cleaning only. Use for wiping or drying dirty hands, Soak up spills and mop up counters. Spray a non-toxic cleaning agent on your counters and use this one to wipe the counters. The thirsty loops will absorb the moisture. Launder often. 

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No. 2 — The Cook

Use this towel to cover rising dough. Wring out vegetables like spinach or zucchini. Place between the pot and lid when cooking rice. Line bread baskets. Lay wet greens on it to dry. 

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No. 3 — The Multitasker

Sling this towel over your shoulder as you cook to aid with taking hot pans out of the oven, wipe hands and little cooking spills as needed. Shine tableware for presentation. Dry silver and glass with the absorbent side and shine with the flat side. When chopping, place under a cutting board so it doesn't slip.

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